Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cross My Heart

All I've ever wanted from a boy was a necklace. I want a boy to pick out a necklace on his own and then give it to me. Then I will wear it around my neck and tell him that he's always close to my heart. Give me a break, dude. I'm super cheesy.

So I've told every boyfriend that I've had that I want a necklace, and never once have I received one. It's not like I'm asking for a fucking ring, man! I just want a silly little necklace. I don't need diamonds or pearls, either! Just. A necklace.

I've received all sorts of strange little gifts instead, though --- 2 watches from the same guy on the same day (the opposite of a necklace?), a jar of pocket change (long story, I guess), a "Vote For Pedro" t-shirt (jesus, dude), a Tamagotchi (this one I received less than two years ago, btw) --- you get the gist.

Nary a necklace. Is it because it's jewelry and that seems super serious? Or because I'm just dating dudes that don't care about what I actually want? What does a girl have to do to get a fucking necklace around here?


Bill said...

I've given necklaces twice. Both times, things ended within a few months.

So I'm superstitious about it now.

Could also be, that I bought them from the same jeweler, a friend of mine, who had them custom made. Not just bought off the shelf, but made particularly for each woman.

I'll blame the jeweler for giving me cursed necklaces to give as gifts.

articulicious said...

Oh man! I wonder if necklaces are a bigger deal than I had thought!

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