Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Art of Seduction

I've been wanting to read this book for a while, and nobody bought it for me for I just bought it myself. It's called The Art of Seduction, and it's by the same dude that wrote The 48 Laws of Power, which inspired our beloved 50 Cent so much that he actually collaborated with the author to make his own book, The 50th Law. I figured if 50 Cent believed he experienced any sort of success due to this authors' words, then I might have a chance as well. Hell, if I have even a fraction of the success that 50 Cent has had, I'll be drinking champagne with diamonds in it while stretched out by the fire on a bearskin rug in no time.

The inside cover of The Art of Seduction says: "Get what you want by manipulating everyone's greatest weakness: the desire for pleasure. Be Ruthless. Reign Supreme." I'm...totally on board. The book is almost 500 pages, which I didn't expect. If there are 500 pages worth of information on how to seduce someone, then I've been doing it all wrong for years now. I think I've only been operating from 2 pages of info up until now.

Well, time to change. I'm gonna finish this book by New Year's Day and then I'm gonna manipulate the fuck out of every guy that crosses my path. There will be no survivors.


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