Sunday, December 27, 2009

I need some more backup

Everyone has a person they text when the person they really want to talk to isn't contacting them. I've got about 3 or 4 backups. It's a tricky business, though, with these backups. You can't overtext because then they'll think you want more than just a little bit of attention, and you can't let it go so long in between texts that they've lost the desire to return said text. I don't even keep my backups saved in my phone; they live on a list tacked to a bulletin board in my room. Every now and then, when I'm feeling blue because my crush isn't crushing back, I'll visit the list and call on my backups for reinforcement. Usually I'll get a text back and my wound is bandaged and I feel better. But occasionally I'll call for backup and nobody shows and it makes me want to throw darts at the list tacked up on my bulletin board, but I usually just decide to cut my losses and call it a night. I don't even have any darts. I need to find some more reliable backup so I don't run into this again. Or maybe I should just start liking guys that are legit so I never actually have the need for any backup.


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