Thursday, February 11, 2010

Somebody That I Used To Know

Remember 1997, when we all thought we knew exactly what Elliott Smith was singing about, and we were certain we were feeling every bit as heartbroken as he was? Ever listened to his music as an adult and realized how delusional you were as a teen? I had my ipod set to "shuffle" this morning and an Elliott Smith song that I hadn't heard in years came on and I had a brief shame attack for my 17 year-old self.

If only I had to deal with the same woes that I was dealing with back then instead of the ones that plague me now, how carefree I would be! Of course, if I were working with the same mindset as my 17 year-old self, that would mean that I'd probably still be wearing overalls doused with CK Escape (to cover up the smell of cigs) and a ratty pair of Chuck Taylors. Waaaait a minute...I still wear ratty Chuck Taylors. Maybe that's why I only attract men that act like children (!!!). Looks like I need to go shoe shopping!


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