Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Hollywood Exception

Every couple in the world should utilize the Hollywood Exception rule. It doesn't actually have to be someone that lives or works in Hollywood, just someone that is in the public eye. I just happen to be incredibly shallow and am only turned on by/made aware of people that are on the screen.

Anyway, the rule applies to anyone famous and alive. Basically, each member of the couple gets to pick one person that they get to, providing the opportunity presents itself, engage in a romantic or physical relationship for ONE NIGHT.

For instance, say I choose...Johnny Depp as my Hollywood Exception (I won't), and let's also say that I'm in a relationship (I'm not)...if somehow I find myself in a position to have some sort of escapade with Johnny Depp, as long as it's known that he is my chosen Hollywood Exception, I get to act on it. Just one time. Same goes for the guy in the relationship and his Megan Fox or whatever.

Since I'm not in a relationship at the moment, I'm going to choose 3 people as my Hollywood Exceptions...just for kicks: My first, my current, and my forever. Behold:

My first and longest-standing Hollywood Exception:

My current and mainly conditional Hollywood Exception:

Annnnd...every woman's secret fantasy and my forever:

Shit. I can't keep it to just 3. This last one is someone that I wouldn't necessarily insist that I get to be romantic with (though I totally would) --- in the event that I'm simultaneously in a relationship and in the presence of such a breathtaking man, of course --- but I definitely would straight-up ditch my significant other in a nano in order to hang out with this dude instead:

Ladies and germs: Sir David Attenborough


Who would yours be?


Roxanne said...

Do celebrities get a Hollywood exception?

articulicious said...

Good question! Do you think they should? Seems like they think they think they should...

Ewa M. said...

1. Coleen Farrell
2. Gerard Butler
3. Leonardo DiCaprio
4. Robert DeNiro;)

Anonymous said...

Wait, I may be out of it. Who's the guy in the middle??

articulicious said...

Eric the Vampire from True Blood! A.K.A. Alexander Skarsgard.

Anonymous said...

Jack Nicholson
Christian Bale
Johnny Dep

Morbid Mulatto said...

I hope you do realize that this opens a gigantic can of worms. For instance - what if you're in a relationship with someone who chooses...Magic Johnson.

Yeah, I went there...hard.

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