Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The ass is greener...

American girls will forgive a man almost anything if he's got a foreign accent. Well, a fancy foreign accent...like british or spanish or... south african! And while I certainly have a weakness for the men within my vacinity, they would cease to exist if a smouldering british/french/spanish/anyone other than american man came into my life. The dude could be fucking homeless and I'd drop everything to hear what he was saying.

I started a new job yesterday and declared that there wasn't a single guy worth enough for me to spend my next crush on, and then today this dude (who I didn't think twice about when I saw him yesterday) walked by while on the phone and he had a british accent, and all of a sudden I think he's my soulmate.

And the best part is that whenever I travel abroad, all the foreign men adore MY accent. When I was in New Zealand I could have picked any dude I wanted down there. I honestly could have paired up with the hottest guy in the country and he would have been stoked to be with me. And then I get back here and I can't even pay a dude to give me a high-five. Sounds like I'm living on the wrong continent, eh?


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