Monday, January 18, 2010

RE: Sundate

If anything went wrong on my date yesterday, it was because I panicked and made things awkward. I've completely lost the ability to interpret first date behavior. A year ago, if a man put his arm around me while we were on a date, I'd take it that he liked me. Now that I've been confused out of my mind with the last few idiots I've wasted my time on, an arm around the shoulder could very well mean "yeah, I'm not into it." So I stuttered and said stupid things at the end, and I probably came off like a squirrelly mess. Bummer, too. I liked him.


Bill said...

Having done a few internet first dates myself, I'd say give him one more chance. I'd view the first date as a "ok, is there any reason to run away and hide" rather than "this will work out or it won't". You're both feeling each other out on the first go, and if you screwed up, fine, but don't let that derail a potentially good thing.

articulicious said...

Thanks, Bill. But I think it's out of my hands at this point. :/

Bill said...

Bummer. Somewhere, offline, we can share more stories. But I'm not taking the step, like you have, of being out in public about bad or good experiences.

However... not knowing anything else, it probably wouldn't hurt to try one more time, and ask for a second go around.

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