Monday, January 25, 2010

Silence is golden?

I barely went anywhere this weekend, and it was glorious. No getting all dressed up to go out and spend every last penny on over-priced booze. No awkward first dates to over-analyze and pick apart until there's no semblance of hope left. I actually stayed in on Saturday night and watched Lifetime Originals with a girlfriend and shoved my face full of meatloaf and ice cream (not together, of course) and it was totally perfect and stress-free.

This was the first weekend in a super long time that I wasn't stressing over some idiot boy, and I gotta say...I'm sort of into it. Finally there's no noise! I'd love to say that I could take a break from this whole dating scene for a while and enjoy the quiet, but let's be honest...who am I if I'm not hyperventilating over some boy or another? Still, today I'm going to say that I'm quitting this mess until further notice.*

*We all know that "further notice" will be in like 3 days until I fall for a new lanky, big-nosed comic book nerd.


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