Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Never date 8-1-8"

That was one of the first pieces of advice that I received upon my big move up to Los Angeles. Once I'd settled and gotten comfortable, I somehow forgot that little tidbit and let a few valley area code toting boys work their way into my heart. Without fail, the boys with the 818 area codes have proven to be the most disappointing wastes of time. From now on I will stick to only those who boast a 310, 323, 949 or maaaaaybe a 714, and I suggest everyone do the same. It's just safer to preemptively strike on this one. As far as out of state area codes...those can get tricky, so it's up to your own discretion.


Bill said...

What about those of us in the 562? We're closer than the 949 or 714.... and certainly higher rated than the 909.

articulicious said...

562 is acceptable.

Ewa M. said...

213 baby!

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